The Invisible Man

To Joerg

(inspired by Dali’s painting as we saw it at the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid)

  His magic hands leaving roots of light inside me
His caring eyes leading me through Light
His love blessing my pain with Miracles
His heart revealing the hidden mysteries from me
To a New World – of Truth – re-giving me to Myself
In which He is

J uggling with
O neness
E mpathy
R esonance
G race

My demons falling one-by-one
Under his Healing Powers
My Soul – finally found a Mate
To share with – to re-discover
The bliss of being free and young
The majesty of being ONE
Of finding Peace in a Twin Soul
Of being mated with Heaven on Earth

He lives in me – although you cannot see it!
His touch caresses my loneliness with softeYes
The light of wisdom blending the Horizon
Into his smile – a dream irradiating kindness…

Mihaela Ulieru

November 1, 2002