(inspired by Dali’s painting Portrait d'une femme passionate – 1935)


Her hands still frozen in the shadow

Of far away unfulfilled dreams…


Illusions dwelling on the fears

That always, always stopped her leaps...


Is it too late to reconcile

The lies she chose as her foundation?

Is she a prisoner for life

In torture chambers of her own frustration?


What would it take to tear off these chains

And rise tall from this deadly separation?...


A choice to bring together these two hands

Into a loving prayer


What a revelation!...



Mihaela Ulieru ©     February 5, 2003 (Sicilly)



Another version of A Passionate Woman (By my Soulmate Bob Dolci)

Her hands reached out from the other side

From the place without time or form


There was no one waiting for her on the dark side

There never is.


She left no one behind

She was alone before she died

She is more alone now


She existed without love in the physical world

The virus corrupted the essence of her being


It wasn’t her fault, it just happened


She’s afraid; she knows not why

She wants to return to the living, it’s not to be


The virus will be removed

Her energy will be dispersed


Bob Dolci ©